lions and tigers and bears (oh my)

this past week, we have been watching the grandkids while my older brother and his wife move houses. we have spent numerous hours at the pool the last two days and today we decided to go the the detroit zoo! last time they visited, they went to the local zoo, but they don’t have as many animals.

today was the first day in a while where it was about 70 degrees. this past week the weather was in the 80s, and most likely not ideal for certain animals. due to the weather, many animals weren’t outside, and if they were they were just lounging around after the long rain last night.

I was very keen on going to see the kangaroo exhibit, because it is the only place you can go in to walk with the animals. they don’t get too close to the path, but you can see them from afar. I went to the zoo with some friends, my sister, and my mom around the same time last year and walked through with them. at that time, I had no idea that in just 26 short days I will actually be in Australia, and possibly seeing real kangaroos in the wild.

there is a post in the exhibit and I remembered it from last time, and wanted to get picture with it this time, as now it holds more meaning to me due to the fact that you can see a representation of how far Australia really is.

for those who have never been to the Detroit zoo, they have a really spectacular penguin exhibit. after seeing the animals above the water, you have the opportunity to go under the water to see them swimming. it was nice and cold down there, and a great place to escape the humidity.



I also vlogged that day, and you can watch the video here to see more of the adventures we did there.




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