Moving to Australia

I guess as a way to start this post, I should address the elephant in the room, for those of you who can’t already tell by the title of this post, I’m moving to Australia! I am taking a gap year and ventured out, by myself, to start it in Sydney Australia! Here I will be an au pair for a couple of months, and the rest of the time is still up in the air for what I’m going to do, but I’d like to keep my options open as I don’t want to commit to a long outing quite yet.

this post is really just the day I left my family, but there with surely be numerous post about my time in Australia once I actually leave the plane, until then, here are some photos of my last meal with my family for a year!

my family and I drove to Windsor, Canada as that was the best airport to fly out of to Australia. luckily, they let my dad through even with his expired passport, which we were unaware about. we first went to the airport to drop all of my bags off, almost losing my phone, and then went to a nice diner for our last meal together for a very long time. with many laughs and tears, I was on my way to Sydney Australia.

I didn’t take too many photos during my travels to Australia, as many stops were chaotic and limited time, but I flew from Windsor to Toronto, Toronto to San Fransisco, San Fransisco to Sydney, where I was picked up to start this crazy adventure.


Here is my moving to Australia vlog :))


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