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Hello! Long time no see, unless you follow my instagram or keep updated with my vlogs, then you probably have seen me too much. But I know I’m pretty bad at posting on this, I just write a lot in my head and just never actually type it out. It’s all just stored up there in a file, and probably will burn it after this year, ya know like how Sponge Bob does it??? Yeah that’s how I think of my brain laid out.

I mean starting from where I left off is quite some time ago. I feel like I could have conquered the world in that time. But I was too busy watching things like Stranger Things 2 and The Crown (okay and Prince Harry got engaged during my time off and I honestly could write a while post about how happy and sad I am *cue That Should Be Me by Justin Bieber.) Anyways, yeah I was busy! So I didn’t write. But here’s my final updates of 2017 before the new year, which I’ll then make time to write more, or just set it as one of my resolutions..

Okay so we established that I moved to Australia in my last post, and I really have just been living my best life here, or at least trying to. But I’ll share some key moments that have happened.

+ Well let’s just say that I have seen the opera house so many times while being here. It’s better to see in on a weekday because not that many tourists are there and it’s a bit more empty, but I still go because I’m a tourist as well. I mean that sight and the bridge really never gets old.

+ I went whale watching for the first time in my life and let me tell you, those whales did not do any of those crazy flips like they advertise. I really just got soaked head to toe from a massive wave that came on the boat. But we luckily did see a few blow holes that came out of the water. We also saw one shark, which was pretty cool, except when it’s near the city and you know you swim there.

+ I learned that homesickness is sooo real, and we’re well acquainted. We are really close. Almost too close. But we’re starting to get some distance. So see ya.

+ I saw Niall Horan in concert and honestly I am so thankful I got tickets. Clearly coming to Australia and finding a ticket was easier than setting an alarm at 3am when the tickets were released and hoping for a ticket (guilty). But, ya know, massive director over here!!! He was really good live, not that it surprised me, but it was in a really intimate theatre which make it really nice. Much better seating then when I saw the band together (okay that catwalk was too long.)

+ I took a trip up to Cairns and saw the rainforest and Great Barrier Reef. Which was really amazing. I learned that my hair and humidity don’t mix too well. Or like at all.

+ I have learned that spring time in Sydney is really beautiful. Like really really beautiful. Or maybe just in the Botanical Gardens, but still pretty.

+ I fell more in love with Harry Styles. Okay I’m going through my camera roll to refresh my memories on what I did over the past couple of months and it’s hard not to bring this up. Like have you seen all of the suits he wore on tour??

*not my photos, I found them on twitter but had to share them with you.

Okay, carry on.

+ I went to New Zealand and learned that it is one of the most untouched places I have seen in my entire life and so incredibly beautiful. More beautiful than Sydney during spring. & maybe not as beautiful as Harry Styles, but it’s up there.

+ My parents came and joined on the adventure, well I joined them, but we got to see it together which made it more special because I was really at my peak of homesickness. I mean I missed Harry Styles preforming in Sydney for this, so I guess it’s love.

+ We went around Australia after New Zealand and really saw how beautiful roadtrips are here in Australia. Along this trip I realized that there’s really no kangaroos. Before moving to Australia, I was told to watch out for kangaroos, spiders, snakes, koalas, and anything that can kill me. Sorry to break it to those people, but I haven’t seen any of those!! I have seen some household spiders, but not the one that are as big as my palm. I mean I should be thankful I haven’t but I just want to see some!

So we went to a Kangaroo Sanctuary to see some and let me just say, they are cute. Like super cute. Except when they want to kick you, then they’re not cute. Kangaroos have a special spot in my heart because in primary school when we had to match our names to a animal, I always chose kangaroos. I rather be Katy Kangaroo than Katy Killer Whale. Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

+ I learned how to surf! I was really hoping I’d get on the board and have a secret talent at surfing and become the next pro surfer, but instead I got tossed around by the waves and ingested lots of salt water and sand. But I’ll get better, hopefully, or just get taken out to sea because I can swim against the waves.

+ We went to a town, called Bundaberg, to go see the Great Barrier Reef. This was my second time seeing it, but let me tell you. This was absolutely spectacular. 10/10. I don’t know what was different about here and Cairns, but it was different. I saw colors I have never seen before in real life. Colors I used to make on Paint (rip). We even saw a swarm of reef sharks, which surprisingly doesn’t scare me anymore! I also got a really bad sun burn, but like what do you expect??

+ We then traveled to Brisbane and spent a couple nights there. I went swimming at night because I was hiding my burn from the sun.

wasn’t joking about my bad burn.

+ We went to the Great Ocean Road and saw the beauty there. We didn’t have the best weather down there. We even got flash flood alerts in Melbourne, but it wasn’t too bad.

+ I moved to Bondi and that’s where I am right now! I have really taken advantage of living so close to the beach and gone swimming almost everyday. I can’t say my skin is too pleased with me, but I’m doing my best okay?? I have also come to terms with sand, something I usually hate, but I guess it okay.

That brings me to now. Christmas Eve.

Hope everyone has a very happy holiday.

That’s all for now.


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