Must See Places in Laos

The Kuang Si Falls are a must have on a bucket list. This place looked exactly as they were pictured in all the travel books I have seen. We hiked there after going to another place to swim and had lunch. We went on a sunny day and swam in the water after. It is free to go and relatively easy to change and access. There are fish in the water that nip your feet which I didn’t enjoy but people like that.

There is also a Black Bear Sanctuary after the falls and it was really neat to see all the bears there.

In Laung Prabang, we also went to a school and met some of the students that went there. We communicated to them by English and they experience helped them advance their English speaking skills. We also got to hear about their life story and their ambitions. We are connected with them on Facebook and still communicate with them, which I really enjoy.

I also shared my love of One Direction with them and introduced them to their music. One of the guys later learned it on the guitar and sent me a video of it which melted my heart. <3

There are so many temples throughout Laos to check out. They are all beautifully built and hold a lot of history.

We also got to have the experience of staying at a homestay for a night. After traveling eight hours on the Mekong River, we arrived to this very small village. We got to interact with the children and stayed with a family in their home.

The village was quite literally in the middle of no where. If anything were to happen to us, we would have been quite SOL.


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