Elephants in Chang Mai

This is hands down, the best experience I have ever down and probably will ever do, unless I ever get the chance to be front row at a harry styles concert with only me in the audience. But just speaking that into existence.

If you ever make it out to Thailand, this is my number one recommendation to do. We went to a elephant sanctuary about 45 minutes outside of Chang Mai and got to spend all morning with the elephants. We first got comfortable with them at the from then walked to an open field to feed them many bananas. For being such big animals, they are awfully quiet when they walk and quite scary why you turn around and there is one right behind you.

For those who don’t know, elephants are my favorite animals. They’re called gentle giants for a reason as they are really sweet animals. So this was so amazing for me.

They were quite intimidating to me at the beginning, being that close to them, I didn’t know what their reaction was going to be. It is hard to forget how big and powerful they can be when being close to you.

One of my things I wanted to do was hug an elephants leg, I don’t know why, but it was a random thing I said before we arrived, and little did know, I actually was able to do it! It is crazy to think that one wrong step and it could have crushed me. I also was petting it like a dog and gently patting it to show some love and one of the people who ran the sanctuary said they have very thick skin and wouldn’t be able to feel it so he was really slapping it, which wouldn’t turn them, then I did and they have very, very poky hair on them, which I never knew they had that.

Safe to say that this was one of my happiest day of my life and almost cried many times of happiness.

We also took a mud bath with them and helped them place mud on them. I am not really sure why we did this, but they seemed to enjoy it. It was something I was going to skip out on because I am not a massive mud person, but after someone threw mud right onto my back as I was leaving, there was no way out.

We then rinsed off in another body of water. The elephants squirted water everywhere which was a sight to see.

I also don’t think I have ever smiled as hard in my life than on this day. There are so man photos of me with all my smile muscles flexed. I assume that was a good thing, but looked kinda crazy.

The elephants at the sanctuary were all rescued from terrible places. Many were once in the circus being abused or their trunks were taken from them and then they were left.


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