Exploring Bangkok

Bangkok. The beginning and end our our month in South East Asia. Full of many different feelings.

First arriving in Bangkok for the first time, I was all alone in the airport trying to navigate my way to get a taxi only knowing English. Which was a bit more difficult than I thought. But I took out google translate and somehow ended in the right place.

My second time arriving, I was with my group and it was a bitter sweet time for all of us. It was our last destination together as a group and now I have some friends that I will have for my whole life, which is pretty special. We got to experience a moving time in our lives together and saw things we never thought we would see.

But enough of that, Bangkok is pretty dang cool. I will say that I really like going around the city with the group but wouldn’t recommend going solo. A group of us girls at the end were together without the group and I personnel did not feel that safe, but that could have been the area too.

In the middle of the city there are some famous temples, and a massive laying down Buddha. When visiting, make sure your knees and shoulders are covered. That is pretty much a rule everywhere in the country, but I am not the best for that and got dress coded pretty much everywhere. We just borrowed some clothes from some vendors outside of the temples, and that worked for me.

We took many Tuk Tuks around the city and that seemed to work pretty well. You can barter for the ride and get it for a good price.

The last night was full of some tears and a great night. I am very thankful that I got to join such an amazing group of people and got to share a bit of their life with me. I would recommend joining a tour when traveling because the memories and people you get out of it is completely priceless.


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